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Cru Classe Hospitality Corp.

Exemplary service standards. Stellar educators. Mindfully ethical.

Who we are…

We are an independently owned and operated business that specializes in hospitality training and consulting, since 2009. Therefore, the name 'Cru Classe', which refers to a hospitality related 'class' for an organization's 'crew' whether it be on land, on the water or in the air.

Cru Classe is also an Approved Programme Provider for the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) that is considered the gold standard for training in wine, spirits and sake education, globally. Today, Cru Classe offers all levels of WSET certification to personnel from the hospitality trade as well as enthusiasts who are generally interested and passionate about wines, spirits and sake.

As an organization, we are aware of the strengths and challenges of the hospitality industry and have therefore made a conscientious decision to practice social advocacy in responsible drinking.

Discover the Cru Classe advantage:

We provide a complete suite of hospitality services, whether it is training your staff or upgrading your beverage program.

We are an independently owned company that is not related to, or acting on behalf of any agency or product (wine, spirit or sake). Therefore, we offer you the best, unbiased options customized solely to your business or course needs.

Along with ongoing student support, we bring you better and more tasting samples, as well as learning aids throughout your course. As a Cru Classe alumnus you are always welcome to reach out to us!

We provide highly qualified and experienced professional services that are fully accredited and insured.

We are a socially responsible business that actively engages and contributes to our community.

           Indroducing our ‘Cru’…

Director of Education, Hospitality Services

Meet Lara Victoria, founder and Director of Cru Classe Hospitality Corp. As a WSET Certified Educator, she teaches all levels of WSET certification in wines, spirits and sake for Cru Classe.

Click on her picture to the left for her bio.

Lara is also the Director of Lara Victoria Lifestyles which is a sister business to Cru Classe. It provides all creative lifestyle services related to hospitality. To learn more, visit:

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