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Along with a commitment to excellence in Wine Training and Services, Cru Classe is strongly committed to supporting socially conscious organizations in the communities it serves. Thriving communities not only depend on such astute organizations, but also on the integration and involvement of its citizens to ensure its sustainability. Understanding the survival of such communities in our environment at large, also highlights the need to nurture the planet we live in. Investing in measures to protect our environment today will only ensure a healthy why wait?!

We are therefore dedicated to do our part to contribute time, talent and treasure wherever we can to support socially and environmentally inclined organizations. We hope we can inspire our clients, associates and readers like you to consider supporting such noble causes in your own communities. For your convenience we have listed a few wonderful causes we are familiar with, below. Even if you cannot offer any assistance at the moment, we invite you to visit these websites to learn a little more about the message and the need they advocate. Sometimes, there is value in just being heard!

So, go ahead...spread the love...and God bless!

Mothers Against Drunk Driving :
Adoptive Families Association of British Columbia :
A Loving Spoonful :
The Food Bank :
The SPCA :
Make a Wish Foundation :
Family Services of Greater Vancouver :
Quest Community Kitchen :