From Private Events and Training, to Corporate Events, Cru Classe caters to every vinous need! We even support Restaurants and the extended Hospitality Industry needs to provide uncompromised service and training.

Private Events

Food Pairing Consultation
Throwing a party with a menu to delight your guests' taste buds? Highlight your culinary presentation with the right wines! Cru Classe can do a private consultation to match your menu with some incredible wines. We can cater to BBQ dinners, elegant soirées or extravagant feasts! Whatever the occasion, we can design a wine selection to complement and complete the event!
Themed parties, Birthday Parties, Weddings, Bachelor/Bachelorettes
Make it a “Whine about Wine” Nite! Try something new. Instead of the same ol' parties, spice up your next event with a theme on wines! Cru Classe can design a theme to suit the occasion!  From Wine Trivias to Blind Tastings, a wine based theme can create some exceptional parties!
Private and Personal Wine Training & Consultation
Are you a better learner on your own? Or perhaps, would you like undivided attention to particular topics of interest about wine? Whatever your preference or need, Cru Classe can customize a program just for you. Of course, your privacy is absolutely respected at all times.

Group Training

Learn about the Wines of the World
Ever wish you could learn a touch more about wine or wine service?
Or what wine to choose with your meal at a restaurant? Let us help you unveil the mysteries of wine! Cru Classe can customize a private consultation just for you! Or...have fun with a group class!! They always make memorable events!
Wine Etiquette
Not sure what glass to serve a Burgundy in? Or which wines should be chilled or not? Don't let wine etiquette confuse you. Let Cru Classe throw some light on the matter!

Corporate Events

Wine Tastings and/or Lessons for staff
Looking for that ultimate Staff Morale Building/Enhancing experience? Consider a customized event by Cru Classe. Depending on the needs of your organization and staff, we can create or augment your conference or event!
Wine Lists/Consultation for Corporate Parties and Galas
Create a “savoir faire” experience at your next Corporate Party or Gala! Let Cru Classe look after the Wine Selection for the event.
We can indulge your guests with some exceptional glasses throughout the event, paired perfectly to each course created by your Chef!

Restaurants & Industry

Wine Lists
Wine can complete the dining experience for many diners. So why not offer a Wine List that is hard to resist? Cru Classe can create an exclusive Wine List for your restaurant in consultation with your Chef to suit your Menu. Alternatively, if your Wine List is getting a little dated let Cru Classe revive your selection with some new and exciting suggestions to match your Menu and create new dining experiences for your patrons.  We can write a list your patrons can be impressed with and you can be proud to offer!
Consultation on Wine Pairings with Menu
Looking to showcase your Chef's creations? Let Cru Classe create an irresistible wine pairing with your Chef's selection. From Fixed Menu selections to Flight of Wine offerings, we've got you covered!
Staff Training
The driving force of your establishment is your Staff. There is nothing more assuring than a restaurant with a knowledgeable crew. When it comes to wine service, it is essential that your Service Staff are well acquainted with the wines you offer. Cru Classe can customize a training program for your staff to enhance their knowledge of the wines in your cellar and help them make appropriate suggestions when needed.
Customized Packages
Let Cru Classe do it all for you! We can provide a comprehensive service, including periodic or seasonal revisions of your Wine List along with Staff Training with each revision. Get peace of mind knowing you're safe with our knowledgeable and professional services. Don't take chances...feel confident in the services from Cru Classe!

Personal & Corporate Wine Shopping

Not sure what wines you should buy for your cellar or as gifts? Or, you've considered getting wine as gifts for your clients, but don't know what would be a safe buy or where to get it? Cru Classe can be your answer to these questions. Once we determine your preferred taste or style of wine and your budget, we can recommend the right wine for you!