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This One's For Jane! Oakey-buttery-rich-opulent Chardonnay!
November 17, 2009 @ 00:41
Posted By: Lara Cowan
So Jane likes her Chards, do I!! To all you "ABC" (Anything-But-Chardonnay) out! Chardonnays are fantastic! They are versatile, grow well in the vineyards and make an a wide range of different styles of wine. Many people often take Chards for granted, because there is such a wide selection of them. For others, it is the "go-to" white wine. You know, the "when in doubt, pick a Chard!" line. Needless to say, some wineries have manipulated the grape so much that the resulting wine is barely a Chardonnay! It is no doubt therefore, that the wine has had skeptical consideration lately. However, if you find a good Chardonnay (and trust me, they are out there) the experience can be nothing less than divine! I LOVE my Chards...and yes, like our blogger Jane, I like'em big, buttery and oakey too! That's why, I shall be dedicating an entire Newsletter in the new year just on Chardonnays. (This one will be for you Jane!) You'll find Food Pairings and recipes that'll make you want to invite all those misguided "ABC"ers you know and show them how "Absolutely-Brilliant-Chardonnays" really are!! :D All this talk about Chards is making me want to have some Crab Cakes with a Creamy Dill Sauce right now...mmmm...and I know the perfect bottle to bring out from our stash!! "Chalk Hill" by Rodney Strong (California, USA). This is one well made wine! Rich, buttery, with just the right amout of oakiness, ripe fruit characteristics with hints of vanilla and tropical fruit notes on the finish that lingers! Oh yeah! Too bloody bad it's bedtime for me now...but at least I know what's for dinner tomorrow!! On that enticing note, I'll leave you try this lovely wine. I'm curious to know what you think about it. Later gators! Lara
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Thanks!!..And What's Next?
November 16, 2009 @ 23:13
Posted By: Lara Cowan
Oh my gosh!! Thanks everyone, for your emails and feedback on this website!! It is really exciting to see that this blog is actually getting out to you! Of course, I'm still learning. I have to thank Pedram Naimi from Defy Marketing whom I entrusted to develop this website. He's been awesome and so patient with me as I navigate through the growing pains of blogging! Now won't you all agree, he's put a pretty cool website together for CRU CLASSE? Well, actually his Web Designer par excellence, Florin did, but I must give Pedram credit for bringing all the aspects together.Well...what's next? I'm all ears for suggestions! What would you like to see featured here? I'm thinking about bringing you news on Wine Tastings...reviewing some wines I think you really need to hear about...or wines that you need not rush to the store pairings...likes/ know, things like that. Make sure you "post a comment" to this blog to let me know what's on your wishlist. For now, I just want to say "Thanks" again, for such an encouraging response. I hope this blog will be something you will find informative, entertaining and useful to you. This blog is for YOU, so I hope you enjoy using it! Okay, dah'lings! I shall "b-log" off for now and turn it over to you :) Take care and be safe! Cheers! Lara
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Hey Mom
November 12, 2009 @ 17:06
Posted By: Bianca Jay
hey mom i love your site!! it's totally cool! it has so many amazing things i never new about wine! i was looking on different websites and you have so many more intresting fact and recipes about wine and what you should make to go with your wine. Good luck with everything! Love bee
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November 12, 2009 @ 09:35
Posted By: Jane Heron
Hey Lara, Congratulations on this site! I can't wait for more info .... food and wine info etc. And - being a lover of oaky-smokey-buttery Chardonnay .... I am looking forward to all sorts of suggestions on options to try ... plus food pairings to enjoy as well ..... cheers for now, Jane
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Welcome To Cru Classe!
November 05, 2009 @ 12:40
Posted By: Lara Cowan
Hello to all you wonderful people out there in "cyber-world"!! Is that even a real word...cyber-world?! Well anyway, I'm taking the plunge...into this phenomenon called "the blog"! I am very new to it, so please be kind if I don't measure up to the seasoned bloggers out there. And please feel free to educate me on "blog etiquette"...always looking to learn new things! First things first...a bit of housekeeping. This blog is for members only. Why? I want to keep it a safe environment...for you and me! There is NO fee for membership and no obligation whatsoever. Cru Classe is not going to target you with any sales calls...I promise!
This is just a space to journal your thoughts on Food and Wine...that's it. Read something...write something...learn something...and share your thoughts. Also, I'd appreciate if everyone maintain a respectful tone as I do not want to offend anyone here at all. Remember...this is just meant to be a safe and fun place to log your thoughts on Food and Wine. Speaking of have to have a sense of humour on this blog!! That's imperative! I'm serious about that!! (Get it?? Serious...about fun!...Just checking...) Phew! With that bit of housekeeping done, let's move on! Let me know what you'd like to see featured on the Newsletter. Any particular wine you'd like to know more about? Or any thoughts on Food Pairing? I'd even love to hear about any wine you may have had recently that blew you away! I always like to hear about that!!!
And don't worry if it was one of those hoity-toity ones or just one off the shelf. Please remember...a wine does not have to expensive to be great. True, you often get what you pay for, but I have found some fantastic wines that aren't very expensive. I have also paid a lot for wine I'd call "plonk"! So, no one's going to judge. Every one has a different palate and we must respect that. To those with an experienced palate, I'd love to share notes with you. And those who are starting...well, you are my favourites, dah'lings! That's because I get to re-live the wonderful journey of exploring the world of wine with you!! It's a fantastic discovery and I hope I can help you identify and develop your own palate, while enjoying every glass wine along the way!Ooooh, this is so exciting already. Now it's time to hear from you! Cheers everyone! Lara
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